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亚洲成人网 Swimming Program
Learn to Swim (LTS) Program
TAS Swimming Club
The TAS Aquatic Centre
Located at TAS White Rock Campus, the TAS Aquatic Centre features an Olympic-sized, fully shaded, state-of-the-art swimming pool.
Inclusive Programs
TAS Aquatic Centre welcomes swimmers of all abilities and ages, including adults, to participate in programs ranging from 'Learn to Swim' to national and state title coaching.
Award-winning Coaching Team
The talent of swimmers is nurtured by our nationally recognised and award-winning coaching team who provide the best advice for health, self-discipline, fitness and fun.
Year-round training
Our Olympic-standard, 50-metre x 25-metre, 8-lane outdoor pool includes heating in winter and full-shade cover in summer.

Programs run 48 weeks per year, with a four-week break over the Christmas period.
Extensive Facilities
We have a fully-equipped gym, disabled access/facilities, kiosk, large grandstands and change room facilities.
亚洲成人网 Swimming Program

As part of the Prep to Year 6 curriculum, students participate in a compulsory swimming program that emphasises the importance of physical education, health, and wellbeing in an engaging and dynamic environment.

All primary-aged students swim every term at both Kewarra Beach Campus (via an alternative aquatic centre) and at White Rock Campus through the TAS Aquatic Centre. Swimming is integrated into our curriculum, and each child receives a report on their swimming progress.

Learn to Swim (LTS) Program

The Learn to Swim (LTS) Program caters to children as young as 3 years old right through to adults. The program includes:

  • Preparation class: This class caters to toddlers aged 36 months+ who cannot swim. It aims to teach children the fundamentals of swimming with special emphasis placed on following instructions, floating and pop-up breathing.
  • Level 1: This class caters to children who cannot swim but who are old enough to be in the water alone. Special emphasis is placed on correct body position in the water, breathing and diving.
  • Level 2: This class is for swimmers who can swim short distances (freestyle or backstroke) with or without correct breathing. Specific attention is placed on freestyle correct head turn, breathing and swimming on the side.
  • Level 3: This class is open to swimmers who can complete a minimum of 15 metres of correct freestyle and backstroke. This level aims to build resilience and establish efficient techniques, timing, balance and rhythm.
  • Mini Squad: Also known as Advanced Learn to Swim, this class is designed to bridge the gap between Learn to Swim and Squads.


TAS Swimming Club

Students at TAS or other schools who want to pursue swimming at a more professional level can join the TAS Swimming Club. All training takes place at the TAS Aquatic Centre.

The Club’s mission is to be the peak professional swimming club in Queensland, and this is quickly becoming a reality through a dedicated team of professional coaches.

In more recent years, the club has nurtured the potential of emerging elite swimmers. Swim teams complete squad training in regional, state, and national swimming events that cater for junior through to senior swimmers. Currently, the TAS Swimming Club is ranked 1st in the region and 17th in Australia.

  • Development Squad: This is the entry level for squad swimming. Children must be able to swim 50 metres freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke, as well as 25 metres butterfly. Racing skills and turns are introduced, and racing dives are further developed in up to 5 sessions per week.
  • Transitional Squad: This squad caters to swimmers aged 10 years and over who have begun competing and are interested in further skill acquisition. Emphasis is placed on extending swimmers through 100 metre repeats. Race-specific skills are developed, with a minimum of three sessions and a maximum of six sessions required per week.
  • Performance Squads: This squad is designed for swimmers 12 years+ who intend to compete at a state and/or national level. Places are offered to children who have identified swimming as their main sport and who display a good work ethic. Physiological conditioning is emphasised, race pacing is introduced and technique is constantly developed. Students are required to complete a minimum of five sessions per week.
  • Adult Squad: Open to a broad range of abilities, from basic (25 metres) to advanced. Consisting mainly of swimmers preparing for triathlons, our focus is on correct freestyle technique, efficiency and physical conditioning to prepare for distance open water events.

All squads run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 5:30 am.

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