Student Wellbeing & Support
Pastoral care and House System

TAS creates a strong sense of belonging through a vertically structured house system.

As a member of one of the four houses, students develop team spirit and interact with a cross-section of other students in academic, sporting and cultural events.

In secondary school, tutor groups are established within each house to ensure the academic and pastoral wellbeing of each student. From their very first year in Preparatory, through to Year 12, a student鈥檚 house becomes an integral part of their life at TAS.


The TAS Counsellor is available to assist students on campus. They can drop in, email the counsellor for a time or organise a referral through their Head of House.听

Concerned parents can also refer students to the counsellor through their Head of House or classroom teacher.

Our counsellor also has an adorable sidekick 鈥 a Dachshund named Kevin 鈥 who is our very own trained therapy dog.


As a member of the Pastoral Care Team, our Chaplain also provides support to students, staff and parents as required.

While Chapel services, House services and other special services at Easter, Christmas, ANZAC Day and Trinity Day are a part of the school鈥檚 formal structure, counselling provided by the Chaplain is sought at the discretion of the individual or family concerned.

The Chaplain works closely with the 亚洲成人网, the Heads of Campus and Heads of House to support all children. Parents may also call on the Chaplain鈥檚 services should they become aware of a family in need or distress.


TAS Libraries provide a welcoming and innovative information gateway that supports teaching and learning at Trinity Anglican 亚洲成人网.听

Each library presents a stimulating and contemporary learning and research environment. Staff and students have access to the constantly expanding collection of print, digital and technological resources.

Library staff encourage a love of reading by creating inviting reading areas and hosting a variety of activities and events throughout the year to foster interest in books. These include reading challenges, creative writing competitions, author visits, workshops and the annual Children鈥檚 Book Week celebrations.

Careers and Tertiary

Figuring out what path to take after school can often be a daunting process. The Careers and Tertiary Team at TAS helps students navigate a multitude of resources to establish what path they would like to take and the best way to get there.

Students also participate in many tertiary experiences such as career fairs, visits to universities, work experience, Vocational Education and Training, alumni mentors and Q&A sessions.

Technology/IT Help Desk

The Student IT Help Desk provides students with assistance to access the network and听troubleshoot any IT problems they may experience.

The IT department at TAS also provides devices to all TAS students from Year 3 to Year 12 and ensures all their software is up to date.

TAP (Tutoring and Assistance program)

TAS provides a Tutoring and Assistance Program (TAP) to students wishing to receive assistance with their studies, including assistance with homework and assessments.

The TAP program is free of charge and a timetable for subject-based support is published at the beginning of each year.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Specialist English as a Second Language (ESL) support may be offered to primary and secondary school students who are learning English as a second language. This will facilitate better access to mainstream classrooms and subject curriculum content.

Using a blended face-to-face and learning framework, the ESL program is designed to assist students with developing English language proficiency.

Student Learning Support

Sometimes students will require additional support with their learning, in a particular subject or across the curriculum.

The TAS Student Learning Support team assesses students and provides targeted support to students who need help.

The learning support team also works across both the primary and secondary campuses to ensure the continuity of the student’s education and support throughout their time at TAS.