Building on what is learned in the classroom, TAS students are provided with extensive opportunities to participate in extension and enrichment programs.
Learning Through Experience
Academic Opportunities
Wellbeing Opportunities
Arts Opportunities
Sport Opportunities
Outdoor Opportunities
Academic Co-Curricular Opportunities

TAS continues to be one of the highest-ranked schools in Queensland based on its academic results, student achievements and enrichment opportunities known as co-curricular programs.

Co-curricular opportunities are available outside of the Australian Curriculum and take place during breaks, before school or after school. They aim to extend and develop each child鈥檚 academic skills and are an outlet for exploring their curiosity.

In more recent years, these clubs have included:

  • Coding, Robotics, Drones, Digital technologies and Esports
  • Debating
  • Chess Coaching
  • Tutoring Assistance Program and Peer Support Tutoring
  • Electives and Competitive Academics.
Wellbeing Co-Curricular Opportunities

There are many opportunities at TAS for students to engage in activities that promote positive wellbeing.

At the heart of our school, the well being of students, families and staff is supported by internal and external resources.

In more recent years, these activities have included:

  • Round Square Service
  • Rosie’s Service
  • Fitness Club
  • Ride to 亚洲成人网 Club
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Edible Garden Club
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Through our co-curricular programs, every student is given the opportunity to experience something new, explore their curiosity and work on projects they are passionate about. As students progress through their learning journey, we encourage them to join in on a variety of different programs, which objectively develop the whole child.

Peter Gazzola, Head of White Rock Campus Primary
Arts Co-Curricular Opportunities

Extracurricular opportunities for students to engage as artists are available in many forms, including Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music and more! TAS Arts and Music department nurtures creative thinking, skill and vision, and encourages our gifted students to explore their craft.

In more recent years, these activities have included:

  • Community-Based Exhibitions and Competitions
  • Music and Art Workshops
  • Regional Excellence in Arts and Centre Hub (REACH)
  • Flame Exhibition Presented by TANKS Arts
  • Cairns Show Photography
  • Wearable Art Exhibit
  • 亚洲成人网 Productions, Variety Nights, Recitals and Musicals
  • Ensembles, Bands and Choirs
  • One-On-One Instrumental and Vocal Lessons
Sport Co-Curricular Opportunities

Students are encouraged to participate in a broad range of sports and physical education to support holistic wellbeing and health.

Sport-inclined students can participate in multiple competitions and associations throughout the year. In recent years these have included:

  • Primary and Secondary Triathlon Program
  • TAS Jogging Program
  • TAS Gym Program
  • Sailing
  • TAS Sports Clubs, including TAS Football, Hockey, Netball and Rugby
  • Representative Sport at interschool, regional, state and national level
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TAS Swimming

The TAS Aquatic Centre is located at the White Rock campus. It is a 50 m by 25 m, eight-lane heated outdoor pool with a full shade cover. It offers many programs, including:

  • TAS 亚洲成人网 Swimming Program: As part of the Prep to Year 6 curriculum, students participate in a compulsory swimming program that promotes the importance of physical education, health and wellbeing in a fun and new environment.
  • TAS Learning to Swim Program: Providing high-quality Learn to Swim lessons led by qualified instructors.
  • TAS Swim Squads: Swim teams compete in regional, state and national swimming events, and the squad program caters to students from Primary through to Secondary.
    • The Junior Program comprises all strokes over 200m and students cover approximately 2.5 km in each hourly session.
    • State and national programs comprise up to 10 sessions per week, covering all strokes, from endurance to sprint training.
    • Adult Fitness covers all levels of swimming and fitness, customised to suit individual goals.
  • TAS Swimming Club: Committed to the growth of professional swimmers in the competitive arena.
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The TAS Outdoor Education Program is highly regarded as one of the leading programs in the country.

In addition, TAS offers adventure-based extension opportunities where students learn about themselves, others and the natural environment.

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