Community service and fundraising initiatives provide opportunity to give back to the wider community.
Service & Fundraising
Service & Fundraising

At TAS, we believe in the power of service and the importance of giving back to our community through fundraising. We strive to cultivate a spirit of compassion, empathy, and social responsibility in our students, empowering them to positively impact the world around them.

Service and fundraising are 亚洲成人网ly ingrained in the TAS curricular and co-curricular programs, and we provide numerous opportunities for students of all ages to engage in meaningful projects. These opportunities allow TAS students to make a continued positive impact on our community while helping develop essential life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Service grants students the skills to think critically about real-world challenges and develop a strong sense of empathy and understanding.
Service Projects and Initiatives

When engaging in service projects, students broaden their perspectives, foster a sense of gratitude, and develop a lifelong commitment to making a difference. In recent years, some service projects have included:

  • Worn Up Uniform Recycling Drive
  • Eat Up Program Outreach
    In 2023, Approximately 1200 cheese sandwiches were made and donated to participating Cairns schools.
  • Rosies Friends on the Street Outreach
  • Hambledon House Community Centre Food and Pantry Drive
  • Annual Beach Cleanup with Tarango Blue
  • Containers for Change Drive
  • Go Packs for Ruth鈥檚 Women鈥檚 Shelter
  • Agile Wallaby Project
  • Pyjama Foundation Day and Fundraising
  • Reef Guardian 亚洲成人网
Round Square

TAS is a proud member of the Round Square International network, comprised of 230 like-minded schools across 50 countries that connect and collaborate to offer world-class programs and experiences. The Round Square approach is built around six core themes, also known as IDEALS that promote International Understanding, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

In exploring the Round Square IDEALS, students foster essential life-long skills of inquisitiveness, tenacity, courage, compassion, inventiveness, ability to solve problems, self-awareness, sense of responsibility, appreciation of diversity, commitment to sustainability, communication and team-working skills. As a Round Square school, our student committees care passionately about ensuring communities thrive and prosper and care about each other in mutual cooperation.

Through the Round Square Community, students come face-to-face with their peers from across the world in international exchanges and conferences. Students exchange ideas, learn about each other鈥檚 countries and cultures, and debate some of the most difficult, and sensitive, issues facing our world today. Whether in-person, at Round Square Conferences, via Student Exchange, or on RS Service Projects, or online, through Classroom Collaborations, Zoom Postcards or Language Labs, Round Square aims to build students鈥 International Understanding.

In 2023, the Round Square Committee participated in:

  • A Round Square International Conference to Kenya
  • A Round Square Conference to Whanganui, New Zealand
Student-led fundraising projects allow students to develop essential leadership, teamwork and organisation skills while actively contributing to the well-being of the community.
Fundraising Projects and Initiatives

Fundraising encourages creativity, social awareness and responsibility through real-world experience. In recent years, important fundraising projects have included:

  • Kewarra Beach Annual Charities Fair
  • One Million Beehives
  • Olivia Newton-John Wellness Centre Fundraising
  • Queensland Cancer Council
  • Harmony Day Fundraising
  • Rosies Friends on the Street Outreach including fundraising through Valentine’s Day serenades and flower sales
  • Cans for a Cause
  • Round Square Sleepout for Backpack Beds Australia
Cancer Council Ponytail Project

For the past four decades, the Queensland Cancer Council has held a special place in the hearts of our community, consistently becoming the focal point of fundraising efforts.

For year 12 students, the opportunity to support the Queensland Cancer Council through the Ponytail Project has become a cherished tradition and a significant milestone. Each year, our students rally the support of the local community and lead initiatives to achieve fundraising goals, ultimately culminating in the brave act of chopping off their ponytails. These generous donations of hair are then given to sustainable salons, where they are transformed into wigs for cancer survivors.

TAS staff emphasise the importance of campaigns like these, as they provide invaluable opportunities for our students to cultivate empathy and foster a sense of community. Staff encourages our TAS community to channel their passion and enthusiasm into creating meaningful change.

In 2023, the combined efforts of 18 students resulted in an astounding fundraising achievement of over $20,000 for the Queensland Cancer Council. This remarkable accomplishment exemplifies the dedication and commitment of our students and staff to making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.