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In an increasingly globalised world, students at TAS are encouraged to respect and learn from each other as well as develop an acceptance of other cultures.
International Enrolments

TAS provides an engaging, safe and disciplined academic learning environment and has developed a reputation as the leading Prep to Year 12 school in the region. Graduating students consistently achieve outstanding results and regularly gain admittance to courses of choice at leading universities, both in Australia and overseas.

Each year, TAS welcomes international students visiting as part of a study tour or individual students in student Visa study programs. Attending TAS as an international student provides an opportunity to experience and learn about Tropical North Queensland鈥檚 culture, establish international friendships, and improve English language skills.

Living and studying overseas can bring rewards and challenges for international students. TAS understands these pressures and provides a friendly, welcoming, and consistent support from our admissions team, international student support officer and other key student support staff.

Small groups of visiting students experience 1-2 days immersed in an Australian school experience.
International Study Tours

Students participate in engaging and fun lessons alongside Australian children in the classroom and outdoor settings. TAS study tours, generally form part of a longer program organised by TAS partner agents, that include opportunities to visit the amazing reef and rainforest in the region. TAS offers group bookings for up to 25 students and can cater for lunch on request. 聽All study tour requests are via our online booking form. We recommend booking at least 3 months in advance.

This program provides international students a taste of secondary school life in Australia for 4鈥10 weeks.
International Short Stay Students

Short-stay students will be immersed in the uniqueness of school life at TAS, improve their English, make lasting friends, and experience true Australian culture. TAS partner agencies can provide homestay services, students wear their own school uniform and English Language lessons can be included as part of their study program. Some English Language skills are required to gain the most from this integrated program where students attend mainstream classes.

“Thank you for the great experiences at TAS, I enjoyed it so much. Teachers and students were so kind that they offered me help when I had trouble. I could get used to the school life easily thanks to the kind, helpful and friendly classmates. The most exciting event for me was the Triathlon. Chatting with friends and watching the competition was so much fun, and I also enjoyed the card game after that. I feel like my English skills improved so much.” Kabuto, 2023 Short Stay Student

TAS Student Visa Program helps students from around the world enjoy school life in Australia, meet academic entry standards for further study, develop English language skills and improve intercultural understanding.
TAS Student Visa Program

The TAS Student Visa program is available to fully enrolled primary and secondary students attending TAS on an International Student Visa for a minimum of one academic year. TAS requires evidence that the applicant鈥檚 academic ability and English proficiency allow them to successfully meet the curriculum demands of the intended course. English as a Second Language support is available where needed.

International Students intending to complete schooling in Australia must maintain eligibility to achieve a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). TAS encourages students to strive for educational excellence and to maximise their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) to support entry for further study both in Australia and overseas.

TAS considers enrolments from the CRICOS registered course for:

  • Primary 亚洲成人网 Studies Prep to Year 6 (CRICOS Course No 085320C):
    • Students have their own homeroom teacher who cares for the class.
    • Primary students are introduced to a core curriculum offering English, Mathematics, Sciences and Social Studies.
    • Highly trained specialist teachers guide students in Visual Art, Music, Japanese, and Health and Physical Education.
    • The Primary 亚洲成人网 Course is offered at both the White Rock and Kewarra Beach Campuses.
    • Student attendance and academic progress is a student visa requirement and is closely monitored during a student course duration.
  • Junior Secondary 亚洲成人网 Studies Year 7 to 10 (CRICOS Course No 085321B):
    • Secondary studies are offered at the White Rock Campus.
    • Students belong to a close-knit tutor group to assist them with day-to-day school life. The house system provides a family within the school, to foster a sense of belonging and a network of friends.
    • Areas of study cater for the academic needs and interests of all students. They include English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Arts, Languages and Technologies.
    • In Year 9 students can make choices about elective subjects according to their academic abilities and career pathways.
    • TAS offers pastoral care programs which promote social cohesion, self-motivation and student wellbeing.
    • Student attendance and academic progress is a student visa requirement and is closely monitored during a student course duration.
  • Senior Secondary 亚洲成人网 Studies Year 11 to 12 (CRICOS Course No 085322A):
    • At this stage of their schooling, students are well equipped and supported to choose subjects that suit their skills and abilities as well as complement their future goals.
    • Students are encouraged to seek further study at universities or colleges.
    • All students study to attain a QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education) and for those wanting to attend a university, an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) is required.
    • Student attendance and academic progress is a student visa requirement and is closely monitored during a student course duration.

To view TAS International Student Policies, please click here.

TAS Student Visa Program Enrolment Process
The TAS Student Visa (Subclass 500) is subject to compliance with ESOS 2000 and The National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018. Before submitting an application, please read our entry requirements policy and consider carefully who you will live with (guardian) and where you will stay (accommodation).
Submit an online international student application. Before you start the application, please ensure that you have the required documentation ready (for the list of required documentation, please see the student resources below). Note: A non-refundable AU$150 Application Fee is payable and does not guarantee enrolment or an interview.
Once we have received your application, we may arrange a formal interview with either the 亚洲成人网, Deputy 亚洲成人网, or Head of Campus. For those located overseas, an online interview will apply.
Successful applicants will receive an offer of place and a written agreement. You will be required to sign and return your acceptance of this offer and pay a Confirmation Fee of $850 and school fees in advance.
Once the written agreement is signed and required fees are paid, the school will generate the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). You will need a CoE as part of your Student Visa Application.
Students from overseas are required to maintain adequate health insurance for the duration of their stay. You will need a OSHC Certificate as part of your Student Visa application. TAS can arrange this insurance for you via Medibank Private, or you can arrange your own OSHC and provide the school with a copy prior to commencement.
You will then need to process your Student Visa, notify the school when it is granted and provide a copy of your grant notice and conditions. Applicants must update the school if there are delays in visa processing, as this may impact the course start date.
Prior to arrival, students are provided with onboarding information to become familiar with our school and life in Australia. Upon arrival students need to purchase a uniform, stationery and padlock (laptops and textbooks are provided). Staff will support students to settle into life at TAS.
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